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Our hospital management system has been designed for managing all hospital operations. The best avenues for using the software include medical practitioners, multi-specialty clinics, and healthcare clinics.

Our software streamlines processes and brings efficiency to operations. It is a massive improvement over paper-based information processing and enhances the quality of patient care. It makes critical information available at the fingertips of all concerned parties in real-time.

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The software has refined features for patient registration and maintains a record for vital patient information in an easily searchable way. The module tracks visits and fixes appointments using color-coded calendaring components. Patients and staff can conveniently check appointment status.


OPD module makes comprehensive provisions available for managing details of outpatient patients. This includes filling in details of the services that the patient will avail of, such as consultation, X-ray, lab, etc., managing advance payments and payments due, and generating reports and stats.


IPD module is dedicated to ensuring a smooth, easy, efficient, and flawless transition for inpatient patients in quick turnaround times. The patient gets records for treatment conducted, prescribed medications, billing, scheduled visits, payment receipts, and information such as bed configuration.


The billing module is an integrated system used at different departments within a medical facility, such as laboratory, radiology, etc. It generates individualized and comprehensive reports automatically to let a patient be sure about how the expenses were incurred.


The insurance module makes any deductions in billing easy to manage. It maintains a database of all insurance policies. This simplifies claims processes for all patients, and also brings value to record-keeping and accounting.


The pharmacy module makes sufficient provisions available to manage an entire pharmacy store. The module can also be linked with the main billing. After a patient collects medicines from the pharmacy shop, the charges are automatically transferred to the main billing.


The laboratory management module comes in to be particularly handy for the lab. Maintaining records of patient tests, pulling up records, and generating reports is simplified. The module comprehensively manages records for medical tests report and laboratory department activities. Reports are sent to the doctors with a single click operation. The module enables entirely paperless operations.


The inventory management module simplifies inventory store management. Purchase orders can be managed with due dates for delivery, along with MRN and issue slips. Maintaining stocks and reorder levels is easy. Similarly, bills can be adjusted according to payments made at other departments.


The radiology management module manages all radiology services that a hospital provides. When radiology tests are booked at the reception, the requests are sent to the radiology department. Our module is a centralized tool for X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, and CT. It is compatible with all radiological imaging technologies and also generates bills for OPD and IPD patients.


HR management module has end to end features for managing HR, including payroll. It can compute the entire salary for an employee. The module is compatible with all commercially available time recording machines. It further generates reports in all necessary formats for analysis.


Account management module enables end to end management of financial accounts. Information about payments, expenses, and purchases can be entered into this account. Receipts can be imported directly from IPD and OPD departments.


The analysis module makes it easier for a medical practitioner to be sure of the discourse of treatment a patient has been undergoing, his medical history and response to treatments, and simplifies devising the future course of action. It keeps patient records handy for any future visits.


Reporting processes are simplified with the use of smart reporting templates used for generating ad-hoc reports with auto-filling and editable entries. This speeds up communication among medical staff, keeps data accessible, and works positively for patient healthcare. Our software also generates easy performance reports by a specified timeframe.


Our software meets end to end IT solutions for a healthcare institution, such as a hospital, clinic, pharmacy, or a medical laboratory.


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