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Infinity Bit solution was founded with the sole aim of helping hospitals and all healthcare solutions achieve the highest degree of efficiency in their day to day operations. Quality of healthcare is defined by the advanced knowledge of doctors and clinical staff. But the role and the effective use of technology cannot be undermined for defining how well a healthcare institution operates.

When we consider how efficiently a hospital delivers its services, we should see how much time it takes for the lab results to get to a doctor who is in the process of devising a discourse of treatment for a patient. Similarly, one should see how long does it take for the inpatient department to furnish all details for inpatient patients, such that they can leave for their homes in time.

These are small factors, but lay a significant bit of effect over the quality of healthcare a healthcare institution delivers. A doctor should conveniently be able to pull up a patient’s treatment records to get an overview of his treatment history. This is made possible by Electronic Medical Records, which accomplish the aforementioned at the click of a button. Scanning through paper records is a time-consuming process. Similarly, once a patient record, maintained on paper is lost as resulting from human error, it is likely to be lost forever.

Infinity Bit solutions make the state of the art software available for all healthcare facilities, such as hospital management system, clinic management system, and laboratory management system. Our software is easy to use and is loaded with functionalities, including insightful reports, which ensure high usability for them in all healthcare centers.





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